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Asian Entrepreneurs will invest in Córdoba Peanut


Asian Entrepreneurs will invest in Córdoba Peanut

ProCórdoba Agency together with the Argentine Peanut Chamber  welcomed a retinue of 22 (twenty two) Chinese companies that visited the main peanut industries of the Province of Córdoba.

During this visit, the delegation carried out a full agenda coordinated by ProCórdoba. It included the tour of Ticino, General Cabrera and General Deheza. There, the entrepreneurs were welcomed by the authorities of Georgalos, Olega, JLA Argentina, Manisel,  AGD, Gastaldi Hermanos, Lorenzatti, Cotagro and Grupo Cavigliaso. The tour also included the visit to the Agricultural Experimental Station of Inta S. Manfredi.

The Asian entrepreneurs were very interested in the products and in every stage of the production process and subsequent industrialization.

After the visit to the south of the province, where the main peanut industries are located, a business round was held. Over 20 companies from Córdoba attended the round; they had the opportunity to meet with the visitors and 60 business meetings were conducted.

Qin Ming Gong (General Manager of Qingdao Crafts and Qingao Beichuan), who was part of the Chinese delegation and this Reverse Mission, said:

"It is the first time I've been in Córdoba and in Argentina; we are looking for raw material and blanched peanut. We were pleasantly surprised by the peanut industry in Córdoba since it is quite advanced. I consider that there are lots of business and cooperation opportunities and opportunities for learning from the processes too. We thank them for the cordial hospitality and we are coming back to our country very satisfied and impressed with what we've seen in Córdoba.”

The entrepreneur, Qin Ming Gong, represents 2 (two) large peanut industries in China, one of them is devoted to trade and the other one is dedicated to the production, blanching and roasting of peanut. The plant is located in the industrial park “Lancun Qingdao,” with 13,000 m2 (square meter). It includes blanched peanut and peanut in shell.

They export to the EU, Southeast Asia and Middle East. Locally, they are in the 5th position in the ranking of the best suppliers, with an annual production of over 25 thousand tons.

On the other hand, the Trade Promotion Manager of ProCórdoba, Luis Gilli, highlighted the importance of the Asian retinue's visit:

This round is essential for the deepening work on the access of Argentine peanut to China, which started together with the Peanut Chamber two years ago. An organized cluster with clear goals allows us to move forward in the market of the first producer and world peanut consumer.”

The Asian retinue was made up of the following companies: China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce, Rizhao Yatai Foodstuffs CO. LTD, Qingdao Tiaxiang Foods Group CO LTD.,Qingdao Hwa-Nuts Foodstuff CO. LTD, Rongcheng Shanyue Food CO.LTD, Puyang Xunda Grain & Oil CO. LTD, among others. 


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