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Developing an Export Mind: A Look Into the Outside World


Developing an Export Mind: A Look Into the Outside World

ProCórdoba Agency informs that a collaboration agreement was subscribed this year together with the Ministry of Education of the Province of Córdoba, and whose goal is to train teachers all around Córdoba Province in topics regarding Foreign Trade for these to be included in Secondary and Higher Education curricula.

ProCórdoba has thus undertaken to:

a) Provide information about the scope of Foreign Trade, promoting the development of an export culture that shows the advantages that participating in the world has for our city, region and country.

b) Contribute to the development of the economy in the coming years by introducing fundamental Foreign Trade concepts leading to the development of an export culture in Secondary and Higher Education students and which enable the strengthening of an entrepreneurial spirit willing and able to work in a globalized Latin American economy.

c) To work on contents such as: the participation of Córdoba and Argentina in the World; our export offer; economic integration from the Free Zone to Economic Union; analysis of indicators that show the growth and development of our country and region; the Argentine economic sector; the administration and commercialization of products; export and import activities; sector and multisector fairs; business rounds; improvements in production and quality systems; competitiveness and human resources profiles for companies participating in foreign markets.

d) Organize workshops on the design of projects that integrate curricular contents in order to adapt them to their specific contexts on the basis of learning outcomes.

e) To provide human resources, means and spaces for the development of collaboration and professionalization activities.

f) To provide access to learning experiences that involve the use of appropriate equipment and resources.

g) To provide graphic and audiovisual materials on the relevant topics, technologies and process related to foreign trade activities.

h) To schedule courses, training events and workshops aimed at Secondary and Higher Education teachers of the Province of Córdoba, providing them with any materials necessary for carrying out said training activities.

The Ministry of Education of the Province of Córdoba undertakes to:

a) Invite teachers to, and inform them about, the training activities to be offered by ProCórdoba at different locations within the province, in order to bring the contents and material to as many teachers in Córdoba as possible.

b) To distribute the materials provided by ProCórdoba Agency for use on the part of teachers, professors and authorities as teaching-learning tools and classroom materials.

c) To issue Attendance Certificates to teachers who participate in the courses, said certificates being signed by authorities from both parties to this agreement. 

The agreement shall be renewed annually, until any of the parties informs the other that it wishes not to do so. So far, over 20 meetings have taken place around different locations in the province, such as: Villa Dolores, Villa María, Jesús María, San Francisco and Río Cuarto.

“Strengthening and cementing an Export Culture in the Province of Córdoba”



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