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Public Procurement: ProCórdoba Puts Its Trust in Central America


Public Procurement: ProCórdoba Puts Its Trust in Central America

Viviana Arias, Manager of ProCórdoba’s Cooperation and International Relations Department, participated in the training on International Procurement that took place in Honduras together with companies Silmag, Bertotto-Boglione, MR Technologies, Laboratorios PYAM, Vulcano, and Imidys. The activity enabled the strengthening of joint actions with Central American organizations.

As regards ProCórdoba’s relationship to the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), a conference was held at the organization’s office in Honduras, together with authorities of CABEI’s Procurement Department. The Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua offices participated through videoconference. Carlos Sanguinetti, CABEI’s Director for Argentina was also present at the conference.

The meeting’s purpose was for ProCórdoba to show the commercial offer that Argentine companies have for the region, and for the CABEI to open the way for discussions that allow them to participate in procurement processes involved in operations financed by the bank. 

The last items on the agenda for Honduras were meetings with the Commission for Public-Private Partnership Promotion (COALIANZA), the Vice Mayor of Tegucigalpa, the Director of the Normative Office for State Hiring and Acquisitions (in Spanish, ONCAE), the National Autonomous Service of Aqueducts and Sewerage, the Honduras Medical Center, the Hospital Escuela Universitario, the Grupo Terra, PUMA Energy, and the Honduras’s National Federation of Agricultural and Livestock Producers (in Spanish, FENAGH).

On the other hand, at Panama, the companies’ commercial agenda included meetings with the Institute of Aqueducts and Sewerage, LUC AMAT S.A., Water Treatment, among others.

A meeting was held, jointly with the Argentine Embassy, with International Organizations with regional offices in Panama, to present Córdoba’s export offer regarding humanitarian assistance.

To close the Trade-Institutional Mission, a meeting was held with procurement experts at UNICEF. This included visits to the Regional Humanitarian Depots: the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD), which is part of the global response network to disasters and is managed by the World Food Programme; and the Depot of the International Federation of Red Cross, both of which are located near the Panama Pacific International Airport.

It should be highlighted that the actions are connected with the upcoming Conference on Humanitarian Assistance and the Private Sector organized by ProCórdoba. The conference, which these organizations will participate in, is scheduled to take place on September 27-28.


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