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Technical Mission of Public-Private Partnership


Technical Mission of Public-Private Partnership

The area of Cooperation and International Relations of ProCórdoba Agency reports that on May 16th and 17th a delegation made up of companies from the construction sector and authorities of the provincial government participated in the Technical Mission of Public-Private Partnership in Santiago, Chile.

The activity involved meetings with organizations and relevant actors associated with the implementation of models of Public-Private Partnership in infrastructure projects and other related fields. Namely, with the Association of Public Infrastructure Concession Companies, the Ministry of Public Works of the Government of Chile, the Public Policy Council and the Chilean Chamber of Construction.

On February 20th, the Argentine government passed the Law 27.328 on Public-Private Partnership Contracts, which motivated this mission. As of then, the Argentine Chamber of Construction  (subsidiary Córdoba), which knows that Chile is leader in the region, had interest in learning the good practices in the implementation of these models.

Thus, during the meeting with authorities and entrepreneurs of the province of Córdoba, the president of the Association of Public Infrastructure Concession Companies (COPSA) Leonardo Daneri claimed that:

"Chile is a reliable country with respect to investments, where one can learn a lot about infrastructure concession.”

This mission is the result of the joint work among the Argentine Embassy in Chile, the Argentine Chamber of Construction (subsidiary Córdoba) and ProCórdoba Agency.  The Secretary of Architecture of the Ministry of Housing, Architecture and Road Works, Daniel Rey, the Director of ProCórdoba Agency, Pablo Venturuzzi, and the President of the Argentine Chamber of Construction (Córdoba delegation), Marcos Barembaum, and partner entrepreneurs of this chamber participated in this mission as well.

Regarding this, the Director of our Agency, on behalf of the government of the province of Córdoba, Dr. Pablo Venturuzzi, said:

The technical mission was fruitful. The delegation of participating companies from Córdoba had the opportunity to get informed about the functioning of the Law on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) that was recently passed by the National Congress. In the last 20 years, the development and progress of Chile is due to the execution of important infrastructure projects that were carried out according to this modality.

Likewise, Venturuzzi said that since the return of the democracy in Chile, the different governments carried out an ambitious plan of public works and to do it, the Chilean Parliament passed the Law on Public-Private Partnership. This law allows private companies to be in charge of the execution of works, their maintenance and subsequent management, which nowadays can be successfully proved.

Finally, Venturuzzi said:

"The works of infrastructure in a country are the "cause" of the progress and not its consequence."

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