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About Us

Located in the  geographic center of the Republic of Argentina, Córdoba constitutes a strategic point for foreign relations and regional integration among member countries of the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR).

Its rich natural resources, diversified production, consolidated industry with export experience, developed infrastracture, and a significant percentage of professional and skilled workers, make Córdoba the country´s most important inland  center of  production.

These characteristics benefit Córdoba’s enterprises in their negotiations and business abroad. In order to encourage the internationalization of all productive sectors, the Government of the Province of Córdoba created ProCórdoba Agency with competence in all matters related to the promotion of exports, by Law No. 8938 of June 2001.

ProCórdoba was established as a mixed-economy agency in which the public and private sectors interact to promote foreign trade policy and the internationalization of companies.

Its board of directors is composed of  representatives of the Government of the Province of Córdoba, municipalities, and business chambers of different productive sectors and regions within the province.

The Agency has competence in all matters relating to the promotion of foreign trade in order to strengthen the export base of the province and to achieve sustainable growth of firms and products in international markets.

Mission of ProCórdoba  Agency       

- To promote the Exportable Offer of the Province, prioritizing their diversification and added value.

- To facilitate the process of internationalization of enterprises, particularly SMEs.

- To strengthen export culture.


“ProCórdoba is the public-private agency capable of offering the best and most innovative specialized tools and services to help companies access foreign markets, in particular SMEs, attaining a sustainable export activity in Córdoba Province”.

The strategies that contribute to realizing ProCórdoba Agency’s 2017-2019 strategic vision are defined under the following headings:

1) Legal reorganization.

2) Impact measurement.

3) Segmented specialized services.

4) Business Intelligence Program.

5) External Communication Plan.

6) Presence in the interior of the Province.

7) Internal Communication Plan.

8) HR Policy.

These strategies contribute to attaining ProCórdoba Agency’s strategic vision.

Quality and Prestige

In order to guarantee the quality of the services provided, the processes of ProCórdoba Agency have been certified under IRAM ISO 9001 and IQNET (The International Certification Network). Besides, the Agency was honored with the Premio Fundación Expor-Ar (Fundación Export-Ar Award) for its Support Services for Export Processes, both in 2007 and in 2011.

In addition, the Agency is a founding member of the International Network for Regional Trade Promotion Organisations (RTPO), which it presided during 2009.


PROCÓRDOBA AGENCY has set up a management system which covers:

the provision of technical assessment services regarding foreign trade, and the design, development and execution of both outward and inward trade missions, as well as foreign trade events seeking to promote the trade activities and internationalization of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).


In order to satisfy the growing demand for products on the part of foreign markets, companies need to be accompanied by policies that provided support for their export processes. ProCórdoba Agency is an enabler for the internationalization of Cordobese companies that works on the following objectives:

- To provide operational and technical support in all disciplines and activities related to Foreign Trade. 

- To strengthen and diversify international business encouraging the adding of value in exports. 

- To achieve an efficient internationalization of the companies and the introduction of the Province’s economic offer in foreign markets. 

- To promote the creation of association export strategies, in order to enlarge the presence of the Province’s products in foreign markets. 

- To train staff, in order to strengthen participation opportunities in international markets, by providing greater insight into their products, the most suitable markets and more concrete possibilities of carrying out the intended business activities. 

- To encourage covenants and agreements with national and international support institutions, in order to strengthen international cooperation. 

- To carry out efforts to establish active public policies, in order to enhance the competitiveness and performance of opportunities of local SMEs in foreign markets.


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